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Leang Ngov

Accessibility Coordinator


Leang Ngov, a community advocate and homeschooling teacher, has been doing community work since 2015, including being a Deaf mentor for American River College's Interpreter Preparation Program and Deaf expert for their Service Learning course. The community work also includes being an accessibility co-coordinator for People’s Collective with another Deaf co-coordinator and Gold House.

Leang also has served on Deafhood Foundation's board and RID's Diversity Council in the past. As Deaf, Southeast Asian womxn with parents who were refugees from Cambodia after the Pol Pot regime and as a mother of three, making conscious efforts to make sure her children are raised feeling proud of their history, Leang has learned to recognize the validity in multiple perspectives.

Being the only Deaf student in schools with two interpreters, the impact resulted in her language deprivation syndrome. All of her life experiences have given her a deep passion for educating the community, especially those working in Deaf-related field, on how to develop a healthy collaboration between hearing and Deaf individuals and starting the conversations that Leang hopes will lead to empowerment for all. 

Leang Ngov
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